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The hardest step is the first.

Unsure of what holds you back or how to overcome it, finding the right care can be daunting. Perhaps you struggle with feelings of anxiety or depression, or your loved one faces challenges too great to handle alone. Whatever the issue, talking with a trained, compassionate counselor will help you find direction.

How Maria Helps

Maria Brickley has dedicated her life to helping clients grow and achieve personal wellness. She founded Maria Brickley, Consulting and Counseling Services to help children and parents overcome diverse challenges, develop confidence in themselves and gain the necessary skills to navigate life’s complexity. As a registered Psychology Associate in the state of Maryland, she works under the supervision of licensed psychologist Dr. Mary Levinsohn-Klyap.

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Working With Maria

Maria offers social skills groups, study skills coaching and assessment services along with a range of counseling opportunities. Each client’s unique journey is best assisted by a personalized approach. Maria works with each client to understand their goals and identify the appropriate services.

Begin your journey to wellness and explore Maria Brickely's treatment options below.


As we encounter change in our lives it is often accompanied by stress, anxiety or uncertainty that can dilute life’s joy. Psychology associates, or counselors, are trained to help you navigate these challenging times and discover a balanced approach for personal growth and exploration. Maria offers individual, group, family and parent support counseling in Anne Arundel County to meet the various needs of her clients.

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Some solutions are only a new viewpoint away. Whether you are a parent struggling to coordinate educational services for your child, a school administrator balancing inclusive classrooms with specialized services, or a teacher looking to nurture a culture of acceptance and engagement, Maria, a school consultant in Anne Arundel County, can help craft solutions. 


Skills Development

All parents want their children to reach their fullest potential in life, and that sometimes requires a little extra guidance. Maria can help you navigate the complexities of your child’s development so they receive all the assistance and support they need to succeed. Maria offers social skills groups which provide a safe setting to learn and practice social skills among peers, to acquiring tools for improving conflict resolution and develop self-regulation. She also helps clients as a study skills coach in Anne Arundel County, teaching the most effective techniques for improving executive functioning and effective studying. 



Identifying why a child, teen or young adult struggles with certain situations is often difficult for parents and teachers, but a necessary first step on their journey to academic and social success. Maria offers a variety of diagnostic tests to identify learning and social disabilities in children and teens. Understanding the challenges your child faces will allow you and their teachers to implement appropriate learning strategies.