How can a school consultant help?

School consultants coordinate across all support systems for child development including medical doctors, psychiatrists, pediatricians and both private and public schools in Anne Arundel County and beyond to help accomplish client’s goals. 

A school consultant can also serve as a student advocate, working cooperatively within a student's existing support system to define the areas for improvement, explore intervention options, implement solutions and monitor development across providers. 

Consulting Services Offered By Maria

When it comes to social and learning achievement, sometimes an outside perspective from a practiced specialist is needed. Working with a range of clients, Maria will champion the right approach to achieve your goals.  Maria has experience finding effective solutions in the following capacities:


Professional Development Consultant  

Educators support academic growth for students of all abilities by creating accessible learning environments. They understand that learning is enhanced when classroom objectives are reinforced across the curriculum of development, including at home. But as classrooms and homes change with time and technology, students and parents might become harder to reach. Maria consults with schools to help teachers learn the most up to date and effective practices for emotional and skill development. 


Classroom Solutions Consultant

As learning environments improve technologically and change with national curriculum goals, consultants help everyone stay on pace by providing insight and best practices. Maria works with school administrators and education professionals as a school consultant in Anne Arundel County to design classroom solutions aimed at student achievement. From bully prevention workshops to cultivating inclusive and least restrictive environments, Maria can assist your school staff in providing appropriate, accessible educational opportunities for all learners.


Student Achievement Advocate

When children struggle in the classroom, understanding their strengths and weaknesses can be challenging. Sometimes advice from experts like teachers, pediatricians, neurologists and therapists are difficult to implement in the classroom and at home. Maria advocates for your child’s success by working with their teachers, school administers and medical professionals like pediatricians, neurologists and psychiatrists to create a cohesive plan for improvement. This would include figuring out what learning objects your child struggles along with making sure medical recommendations are being met in the classroom. If needed, Maria can create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 to ensure school administers understand how to help your child.